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  • Hi Jet, how's it going ?
  • part 3.
    I'm having some issues at the moment and historyonically that could get me booted off the care program, I'm trying hard to not be booted, mental health stuff, so thats me so far. x
  • part 2.
    I'm at the gender clinic at present, I'm on 3 months real life experience, name change etc, then if I do well I have to apply to the horemone clinic, which involves blood from me by my gp, I see my the nurse every month, she signed my Deed Poll, she's awesome.
    I want horemones (testosterone) asap.
    I have my diagnosis, I'm primary transexual with gender disphoria.
    Sorry at times I am so slow, do continue to ask stuff, I'll tell you as a I go along.
    I want top surgery (Double incision/Bilateral mastectomy) what I read from Hudsons guide, we havent discussed types of surgery yet you see, also bottom surgery (Phalloplasty) fully male looking and working asap.
    I saw my gp who referred me to the psycotherapist who saw me 6 times then the psychiatrist then he referred me to the gender clinic and I saw the nurse and the psychiatrist there, I see the nurse most.
  • :waves: Hi Elfie,
    Your bank holiday plans dont sound sad, you're not a sad cow, dont be so down on yourself hun.
    How many flat mates do you have? you lucky thing, that sound awesome.
    My plans are pretty much the same as yours hun.
    When I was about 2 years old my mother was ironing clothes and using the bed I was sleeping in to put the ironed articles on, the blanket was grey and the bed looked huge but I was little, I recall doing something that my mother quickly noticed, she told me off even though she didnt actually see anything, I felt like I had male front bottom, the sensations, everything, just no actual male bits, as an infant I felt most comfy with the boys and their games, very deep sense of them, being a boy except outwardly, I'm trying to explain but not doing a good job.
    I'm putting too much in 1 post, I have to send another in a minute when Ive taken loads off this.
  • Hey Jet, I'm not doing much for bank holiday, my flatmates are all going home to family, but I don't think that's a good idea for me to do, so I think I'm going to spend the day at home by myself like a sad cow:o I might do some painting, reading etc. I don't mind being on my own really. What about you, have you got any plans?

    I remember you asking on the thread if anyone had any questions for you about being trans, I didn't at the time, but now I've thought of one. At what point did you realize you were male? How did it impact your past relationships before you 'came out'?
  • I'm not doing too bad thanks, what have you been up to today? Have you got snow where you are?
  • Hello there! How are you doing?:)
  • Hi Hope all is well :)
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