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  • Hey, awesome, i'll give you a shout. Hopefully we can do it soon :) x
  • may be the sound one makes when one is trying to talk after a very strong
  • sploke? [i meant spoke] new word, i wonder what it could mean?
  • hello havnt sploke for a while how r u? & have u finished pimping your caravan? would love to c some pics of it xx
  • hiya sunshine and co!how you doin?have moved to barrow for my sins
  • got your addy after all hun from the swap
  • i would of loved to come to the woodhenge gathering but i doubt ill make it, im starting to feel the need to hibernate, dont want to got to far........have a gr8 time
  • Hi, so theres not just me then :D
  • sorry not got back to you, had a few medical probs to sort out n then was told we are shutting down september 30th so have had a bit to get my head round..........hope your ok .... i'm from over in not far from you.
  • thanks love..............i've calmed down a bit now [oh i wonder why]
  • :hug:
  • Hi hows thi doin.......
  • hey hunny:) it was nice to meet you too:) i'm a bit shy too tbh and was batteling pmt big time, lol not me at my best:) hopefully we will meet again at another one soon:)
  • Great to meet you too!
  • hello mate, like wise, great to meet u & your family, look forward to meeting up again xxx
  • hey there! re africa oye i am in walking distance of the park, iand my son H is playing with his samba school on the saturday. i don't think i will be hanging around. it would be nice to meet you sometime tho'.
  • ello there...just wondering if the paintings have arrived to you yet?
  • hey hunny, just saw your post about being a Doula:) i'm a doula too. passed my training some time ago but i havent started working properly yet, still doing bit and bobs for friends mostly, but loving what i can do right now. ill health keeping me grounded for a bit unfortunatley. hope you are having a good day:)xx
  • Hi there :D
    have the paintings arrived to you safely yet?
    hope you like them :)
  • ello ^w^
    excellent! ill get them posted this friday :D
    thanks again
  • ello ^w^ its me again :) they are all wrapped and ready to go.... i don't want to post them until i know your address on paypal is correct as i'd hate to send them to the wrong address lol if you let me know later on ill post them on friday :D
    take care :)
  • is your address on paypal correct hun.... the Dickens one :D
  • Ello :D
    iv sent you pics of the paintings as they are all done :)
  • hi hun are you coming over tonight
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