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  • Hello :) I couldn't find you one facebook I'm afraid !

    But we could probably do with a chat, sorry my messages were a bi wierd, talk soon in whichever way you like :) (but you will have to find me on facebook or give me something else to go on lol). xxx
  • Hey :)
    Winch has been sunny all day! but I've been being a bit anti social and have stayed in. I miss having my dog to walk other wise I probably would have been out with her all day! But I'm not allowed her at my uni house, so she is home with my parents :(
    Hope you had a nice walk! x
  • Hello :D
    I know Southampton! not too far at all :)
  • Really?! :eek: That did actually make me laugh in disbelief :D :D
  • Aww thank you! I feel like a proper grown up with my work for sale in an actual building not just on the web lol!
  • Don't be daft hun, it's fine. I do love them :) x
  • Hiya! Thanks for the message, I feel a lot better tonight. A good night's sleep sorted it out! :)
    Hope you've had a lovely day!
    Carrie xxxx
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