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  • Thanks much Thorn and good to meet you. :)
  • haha im awesome thankyou!
    i ache a little as i just got back from the gym haha :P never thought id ever say that lmao
    YAY glad you liked it haha and it GLOWS!! i love glow stuffs haha
    how are you? is all well in rainpebbleland? rainpebbleland sounds way better than crazyflowerland ....haha :P
    are you enjoying the sunshine?
    PeAcE and LoVe
  • Hhahahah lol Blackberry Wine ay lol bet it was lovely :D
    well at the moment im making allot of Polymer clay charms to cheer myself up haha and drinking allot of tea lol.
    Im still reading the book...its very good :D shame they wouldn't let you take it out again what a bugger!!
    do you know when i need to make the next book choice? im having trouble picking lmao :)
    hope you have a great week!
  • Ello ^s^ awwww bless ya :hug: thankyou thats lovely!!
    I'm sick at the moment which sucks so your message brightened my day!
    I'v had a bit of Anaemia as i hadn't been eating enough iron as I'm Vegetarian so now I'm eating tuns of it lol got a dreaded poorly bug so I'm wrapped up in a blanket haha :P
    how are you?? hows mr rain pebble and your lovely dog?
  • Ello ^w^ yep corse everyone calls me Em :)
    Yay cool go ahead and do a thread,,, i'm totally open as to what we start with maybe an uplifting kinda book as i think a load of us could do with some more positive happy reading stuff :D
  • Ello ^w^ thanks for the friends invite, Gladly Excepted :D
  • hello! yes i agree - but even if it doesn't work out, at least we made a start on something new eh?

    what's happening at the moment is:
    i've bought a new scrap book & am doing my own page at the moment.. when i have finished i will let the first person who responded to my first post know so i can send it on to them.. then they will do their page & let the person after them know.. etc..

    so if you pop a little message in the thread to say you're up for it too then you will add your name to the list!
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