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  • No problem Sensi, I'm fine thanks :waves: - hope you're good too..
  • yeah as it's very large :)
  • hoping things are on the up for you:hippy::waves:
  • Your inbox is full sis x
  • That's allright, I wiped it anyway:) Now listening to dark side of the moon on it! Say hi/thanks to Kelly for me anyway:)
  • Hi Sensi...all seemed to go o.k. today.........should have all the money owed to me by the end of the week........thanks :waves:
  • Hi sensi :waves:
    Thank You so very much for your colourful & cheerful greeting.. :clap:That was thoughtful of you :D :thumbup:
    I appreciate that sensi..:thumbup: I do hope that things have settled down for you, the family & Lee & you've all had a Peaceful & Delightful Easter.. :D Love & Light FPG x
  • Hi Sensi
    Thought I already had it sorted........have to try again...........maybe the Lady I'm seeing can help me out with it all at the Jobcentre. Then to the council to find out why I haven't had any housing benefit. I'm not work shy or anything,just been unlucky with health for the last few years and afraid I'm dropping out of the system
  • Ok honey, that's done for you - hope you are OK xx
  • Morning my lovely! Hope things have calmed down for you. Sending love and hugs xxx
  • Hi ya Sensi, BIG LOVES right back at ya :waves:
  • sorry, just got in from a 14 hour day.. yes i got your text but it was quite late and i had to get up at half5 .... she has incommunities and connexions on the case.. shes not here right now, vanished in the night and has not turned up yet... she will have to move out by friday, I got a lodger for the attic so need my room back... she will fall on her feet, she always does... I thought she had changed, i was sadly mistaken, it breaks my heart to see her do this...I really hope that one day she will wake up. she didnt go into college today, she will be thrown off her course if she doesnt buck her ideas up, I worry for her future.. But I need my life back, she makes me so ill and stressed. :(( Thanks for
  • Hey, friend accepted :)
    All good here at the moment, try to enjoy life a bit! Hope all is well your way? x
  • [FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=3]Hi Sensi, Good to hear from you again. 'Many Thanks' for your message.
    It would be a good idea to meet up, I'll have to get back to you on it tho, as things are a wee bit hectic just now, unable to go into detail, you understand.
    I know things haven't been easy for you of late & I have been considering bus-ing it over to visit you, just have'nt had the opportunity as yet, but hopefully we can sort something out soon. Take things easy flower. Love & Light to you also. FPG xoxo[/SIZE][/FONT]
  • :waves:hello sensi
  • Hey flower - hope all is good with you and that Lee's meds are sorted. Have tried to call you a couple off times - I know you are busy always, just drop me a line and let me know if you need anything - like oils? Peace light love and hugs, Bee xxx
  • Hey flower - thanks for your text - can't text back phone old and dying. Am not in a good place right now, can't do the talking thing. Love you too petal, give that Lee a hug from me when you see him!!! xxx
  • Hello flower - are you ready for a phone call?
  • Hi Sensamelia

    Wishing you and your family all the best for 2013, may it be happy and peaceful.
    Seems like you have had a tough year and still rise above it to help others, you are an insperation to us all:D

    Would have sent the message tonite , but I will be offline

    Cheers Bungo
  • Love you too Sis

    X X X X
  • thank you - cheered me up no end.
  • okay will change the sizes xx
  • Hi lovely! Please can you text me your number. Lost absolutely everything from my phone on monday and just trying to regoup! :hug:
  • :hug: :hug: :hug:
  • [COLOR=#800080][FONT=comic sans ms]Good morning lovely - hows you today?
    I'm a bit stiff and achy after crawling around under the eaves yesterday, making room to stash crap that should probably make its way to recyling. Have got rid of lots too though!
    Great news about your boy - weldone!
    Have a good day x[/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080]Sunny here too, although was very misty when I optimistically hung the washing out at 7.30 and cold! lol
    The hot date went well, the sunny weather has, unfortunately, made it impossible to refuse a follow up!
    Ohhh 2 x gemini madness - what mischief we could get up to - we should have coffee soon! :panic:
    Im up in the attic sorting and tidying - strange that at the moment it really doesnt look like tidying, lol. I
    keep trying to stay positive about the fact that you have to make a mess to clear a mess!
    Ohhh I know all about those power surges - not very nice - hope they calm down for you
    Enjoy the garden my lovely
    Love Leecie xx:)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • And the big smiley made my day

    :) x
  • Smoking not going so well, but never have one before 6 during the week, and cut right down. Just keep having stressy things which my weak will uses as an excuse to "just have one......."

    But I will get there, because I want to be rid of the blooming things.

    :) x
  • [FONT=comic sans ms][COLOR=#800080][SIZE=4]Good morning lovely, things are very smiley today, thanks.
    How about with you?
    My washing is out on the line, just catching up with emails with a brew and then off on a hot date!
    Dont get too excited - its only with my iron!! lol :P
    Have a great day
    Love and hugs x
  • Glad to be back, Sensi - but will keep a low profile, so as not to attract attention. I have tried to catch up a bit - you look as if you've had a few worries recently. Hope things are improving xJx
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