What Fauna have you observed today ?

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  • A sodding pigeon that persisted in perching on my windscreen wipers despite a short drive in situ.

    It looked dazed and skinny and wouldn't shift until my third attempt of gently lifting it off by hand (disposable gloves in situ)....

    Then fluttered to the ground after spiking my finger with its little talon.....and I was being so nice:sleeping:

  • Surprised to hear Earl my parrot making loud magpie noises this morning , I looked out of the window by him and sure enough there was a magpie on the birdbox with the blue tits nest , trying to peek in , I am sure Earl was alerting me !!

  • I've been ill all over the weekend so haven't been out. The only creatures I've seen are the spiders who creep out of the nooks and crannies on my boat at this time of year

  • My neighbour's two cats sitting watchfully in their cat-house which is gradually falling apart because it wasn't designed for outside use anyway.

    I can see being asked to do a repair or renovation is on the cards pretty soon...:)

  • Last night for 20 minutes then again at 7.30am it appeared at my near to the ground bird table eating oats put out for breakfast. She nibbled away for about 20 minutes then moved a few feet and sat contentedly beneath the snowball bush which I bought as a gift for my beautiful Mum. Half an hour went by before she appeared again for another 15 minutes of eating alongside FIVE jackdaws, then she sauntered off into my back field.

    See the source image

    White pheasant - bless her x

  • I am surrounded by a large gaggle of Boaterus Hirearia. An odd creature that always travels in a flock normally containing a mated pair or two, sometimes one or two solitary seniors and several juveniles. They are unique in that they are predominantly a land based creature that for reasons best known to themselves take to the water for short periods of time. Some seem to be quite adept at dealing with the watery conditions but on the whole they are really out of their depth and become a prey species for the the many water predators such as the Boaterus Livaboardus, The Warriorus Weekendium and the truly devastating Publicanus Isawyoucomingus, a savage beast that will drain the Boaterus Hirearia of their spending money in minutes and thus render them miserable. The Boaterus Hirearia is very susceptible to the privations of an English summer lacking the correct plumage or constitution to cope with wind, rain and the other elemental forces that 'Summer' throws at the waterways. In the end after a few short days or possibly a week or two the Boaterus Hirearia returns to the comfort of their land homes where they recover enough to forget how horrible it all was and try again next season.

  • I hate to say it but break it down, they will soon build another , sounds like a spot where stoner tits would build!

    UPDATE ... , been watching the parents being very busy this last week or 2 fetching grubs etc back to the stack of blocks , well curiosity got the better of me so I waited till both had left the nest to forage and quickly shone my torch in there to see SIX little pairs of eyes (possibly more underneath or to the side,it was a very narrow field of view) staring back :)

    Both parents returned within minutes so no harm done , but now I am wondering how many are in the actual birdbox that another pair are using ?

  • I have seen more deer in than rabbits in my local park this year.

    I have seen 4 Roe and 2 Muntjac all fairly close up.

    Something that did make me chuckle a squirrel got a piece of bread out of the waste bin it was running along with it in his mouth with a crow in hot pursuit the squirrel managed to get up a tree before the crow could nick it.

  • Re squirrels:

    Has anyone else happened upon the almost tame? ones that will actually climb up your body to take a snack from your hand?

    I was gobsmacked by experiencing this.... It near blew my mind.

    It's a painful joy but hey the world is full of sickos.

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