Adding your advert is relatively straightforward, but there are sometimes issues you may need some help with. Here are a selection of the most common problems.

1. I entered a price but it told me I was incorrect

Chances are you didn’t enter it correctly – you need to just add the amount in numbers with no pound signs or commas. You can add pence, but only two figures.

2. My prices are flexible or negotiable

Don’t worry about this, just enter any suitable number and explain this in your description – as long as you’re not misleading it should be fine.

3. I cannot see where to upload photos

You will see that option after you have entered the text

4. It’s telling me my photos are too big

Unfortunately photos are restricted to 2 megabytes each at this time – you will need to use an image editing application or online service such as resize2mail┬áto reduce your image sizes.

5. I need to edit or delete my advert.

Once your advert has been approved you will receive a “key” that you can enter to edit your listing.

6. I entered loads of text but the last bit is missing

This is a known bug that we’re trying to address, please shorten your advert by 15-20 characters and it should be ok.

7. I still need help or have a suggestion

Then please contact us by clicking here.